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Simply type and save a copy like you would while using a word document. Edit, re-order and modify content with ease. Select your CV from over 50 available designs.

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  • Your CV is designed to be responsive and works on all screen sizes: mobile, tablet and PC.
  • Save as PDF to Dropbox or host your CV online. SlashCV gives instant access to your CV on all your devices.
  • Compose and edit your CV on a tablet or PC, the inbuilt editor is easy to use and works without complications.
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    SlashCV is made to protect your privacy, we do not share your details with any recruiter and you will not receive any unwanted emails.

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    SlashCV is free to try out. You can use the templates and host your CV online for a small fee of $4.99/year.

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    Do visit our blog, where we publish all the latest news and updates about SlashCV.

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    If you have feedback, please contact us on Uservoice. You can also email us.